This page is mainly for shirts you wish to customise. Click on the shirt of your choice. You will notice on the right side, that there is text that can be changed. E.G Swap PUG for CHUG, JUG, DOG etc or MUM for MOM, DAD etc.
The video below gives you more help and a visual explanation.  
You can view all of our category designs under the DESIGNS tab above.
If you have any special requests for shirts we will gladly add them free for you here. 
Please email the details, or indeed if you have any questions about this site or feedback please contact us at rhys@pugslove.com 
Hope you enjoy!

Pug shirts to customise


Domestic shipping is usually within 7-14 days from order depending on the product ordered, but in some cases can be as long as 21 days.

International shipping will typically take 28 days but can vary by location.


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